Keep Your Health in Mind While Web Working at Home

The arrangement of office equipment can have an enormous impact on whether a business succeeds or not. Subtle changes to the office arrangement will not only result in a more healtful work place but it will also help increase productivity.

It can make a web working at home business endeavor much more comfortable and successful and simultaneously have a positive influence on your health.

Did you know that using a mouse on a regular basis could result in the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other related injuries? Here are some pointers on how to structure your office as to avoid any of these risks.

Arranging Office Equipment

Try to locate your desk away from high-traffic areas. This could avoid injury as well as excessive distraction. Keep the area under your desk clear from wires and all other clutter. Arrange all reference materials for easy access. By doing this you will be able to find certain information right away.

If you are a note-taker have a designated area to keep them. Keep your screen clean. Use high-contrast natural screen colors. Keep the mouse close to the keyboard.

Don’t place your monitor in front of a window. Doing so can put unnecessary strain on your eyes with the difference in light intensity. If your desk is located near a window, use window blinds to reduce glare. The monitor should be placed at eye level as to minimize strain on your neck. The distance between the screen and your eyes should range between 18 to 30 inches.

Ergonomically Correct Posture

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is adapting your physical work space to suit your body. When purchasing an office chair, make sure that it can give you sufficient back support as well as arm support. It should also be adjustable and stable.

Excessive twisting and reaching should be avoided when in a sitting position. Change positions frequently. Attempt not to cross legs as this action cuts off circulation and can cause spider veins. Crossing legs at the ankles is preferable.

In addition to adjusting your physical work space, it is important that you consider your computer use behavior. If you are not using the equipment in an ergonomically sound way, although you work station may be ergonomically correct, you will still be vulnerable to computer use injuries.

Concentrate on using a light touch to grip and click the mouse. Press keys on the keyboard gently. Wrists need to be kept in a straight position, and also make use of a palm rest while not typing.

Master your stretches

Take frequent breaks to give your muscles time to relax and also to clear your mind. Shoulder tension is common in computer users. The easiest way to release some tension in your shoulders is to perform shoulder shrugs, raising your shoulders up towards your ears and then releasing them.

In a standing position, squeeze your shoulders blades together towards the middle of your back and release. This same stretch can be done with your arms over your head.

Try to also incorporate neck stretches after sitting in the same position for a long period of time. Slowly rotate your head from side to side stretching the muscles on either side of your neck.

The chin tuck is also a very beneficial stretch for your neck. Slowly tuck your chin down, while keeping your eyes focused on an object in the distance. You should feel a good stretch in the back of your neck.

Back bends stretch you trunk, hips and joints in your lower back. Support your back by putting your hands in the small of your back and slowly bend backwards until you feel a gentle stretch.

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